KontrolFreek Gaming Sponsorships


company overview

KontrolFreek creates a variety of performance controller grips and thumbsticks for controllers.

gaming sponsorship details

KontrolFreek has a closed Affiliate Program that is invite-only. Essentially, they will find you. To be a good candidate for a KontrolFreek gaming sponsorship, they suggest:

  • Live the life mantra of eat, sleep, game, repeat
  • Play on Playstation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, or controller on PC
  • Be authentic and engaging with their social following
  • Use Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Twitch, or other channels to connect with gamers
  • Have a minimum of 20,000 followers
  • Use KontrolFreek products to enhance your game and tag @kontrolfreek on social
  • Get referred by a current KontrolFreek Creator