FaZe Clan is a well-known esports and entertainment organization that was founded in 2010. They have a huge following on social media and have signed popular content creators and professional gamers. In June 2021, FaZe Clan went public on the New York Stock Exchange through a merger with B. Riley Principal 150 Merger Corp. However, since then, the organization has been facing financial struggles, with their stock plummeting, and concerns have been raised about their future as a listed company.

The stock of FaZe Clan started trading under the ticker symbol “FAZE” on June 1, 2021. The opening price of the stock was $10.40 per share, which was an increase of 4% from the initial public offering (IPO) price of $10 per share. However, the stock has been struggling ever since. As of March 19th, 2023, the stock price had fallen to $.42 per share, which is a decrease of nearly 96% from the IPO price.

One reason for the decline in stock price is the lack of positive news from the company. FaZe Clan has not reported any significant earnings or revenue since going public. In addition, the company's financial statements have been questioned by some analysts, who have noted that the company has not provided adequate information about its revenue sources and expenses.

Another reason for the decline in stock price is the recent drama with content creators. FaZeClan is known for signing popular content creators, who have millions of followers on social media platforms like Twitch and YouTube. However, the company has been facing criticism from some of its content creators, who have accused FaZe Clan of not paying them their fair share of revenue generated from sponsorships and other deals.

The drama has caused a rift within the organization, with some content creators leaving and others threatening to do so.The drama with content creators has also raised concerns about the sustainability of FaZe Clan as a listed company. If more content creators leave the organization, it could impact the company's revenue streams, and the stock price could fall even further. This could lead to the company being delisted from the New York Stock Exchange.

Being delisted from the New York Stock Exchange is a significant risk for FaZe Clan. If the company is delisted, it would be forced to trade on less liquid markets, which could make it more difficult for investors to buy and sell the stock. In addition, the company's reputation could be damaged, and it could become more challenging to raise capital in the future.

To avoid being delisted, FaZe Clan needs to take steps to address the concerns raised by its content creators and improve its financial reporting. The company needs toprovide more transparency about its revenue streams and expenses and ensure that its content creators are paid fairly. It also needs to develop a long-term strategy for growth and revenue generation.

In conclusion, FaZe Clan is currently facing significant financial struggles, with its stock price falling by nearly 96% since going public on the New York StockExchange. The drama with content creators has raised concerns about the sustainability of the company as a listed entity and the likelihood of it being delisted. To address these concerns, FaZe Clan needs to improve its financial reporting and address the issues raised by its content creators. If it fails todo so, it could face significant challenges in the future.