BenQ Gaming Sponsorships


company overview

BenQ is best known for their incredibly high quality gaming monitors. They are an absolute staple in the competitive FPS gaming scene and are often used by the best players in the World.

gaming sponsorship details

BenQ offers 3 tiers to their Affiliate Sponsorship program (Platinum, Gold, and Silver). There is an application process and acceptance into the program isn't guaranteed. Below are the requirements per tier.

Platinum Requirements:

  • 40,000+ Twitter followers
  • 30,000+ Facebook likes
  • 30,000+ YouTube subscribers
  • Top 10 Finishes/Year: 70+ percent of events attended

Gold Requirements:

  • 16,000-39,999 Twitter followers
  • 10,000-29,999 Facebook likes
  • 10,000-29,999 YouTube subscribers
  • Top 10 Finishes/Year: 50+ percent of events attended

Silver Requirements:

  • 2,000-15,999 Twitter followers
  • 5,000-9,999 Facebook likes
  • 5,000-9,999 YouTube subscribers
  • Top 10 Finishes/Year: 30+ percent of events attended

Program Benefits:

  • Discounts
  • Branded codes to earn commissions
  • BenQ promotional items