How to get sponsored by EMPYRE

How To get sponsored by EMPYRE

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EMPYRE is a brand new gaming hardware company with a LOT of hype in the community. Their first product is a wildly innovative wireless gaming mouse, the Atlas Custom v1, that claims to be the "World's most customizable gaming mouse". With the EMPYRE Atlas Custom v1, you can customize the color of the mouse, switch between honeycomb and non-honeycomb shells, and even hot swap switches to customize the feel of the clicks. The company also mentions introducing other, future gaming peripherals with the same customization ethos as their initial product. Definitely a hot company to keep an eye on.

what type of sponsorship program does EMPYRE have?

EMPYRE has an exclusive, application-only closed Sponsorship Program that highly qualified creators and organizations can join. People who join and get accepted will become EMPYRE Partners and will start in Tier 1 where they will have a 5% discount code, 5% commissions, any many other perks.

There are 4 Tiers to the EMPYRE Sponsorship Program with ever increasing commissions and benefits. Everyone starts in Tier 1 and you move through the Tiers as you generate more lifetime revenue, a very popular structure for closed gaming sponsorship programs.


EMPYRE doesn't publish their audience requirements for Partnership but it can be assumed that you will need a fairly strong social following and have active content creation channels such as Twitch, YouTube, and TikTok.

how to approach EMPYRE for a gaming sponsorship

If you believe you have a large enough audience and want to get sponsored by EMPYRE, head to the EMPYRE Sponsorship Page and fill out an application. They state they review and approve/deny all applications in a 72 hour period.


EMPYRE is one of the hottest gaming brands on the market today. They have taken the top spot on our Top Rated list for the Hardware category based on the structure of their program, the exclusivity of the sponsorship program, and their product and community hype. We highly suggest applying for an EMPYRE Gaming Sponsorship.