How to get sponsored by g fuel

How To get sponsored by g fuel

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G Fuel is the brand name of the popular energy drink first launched by Gamma Labs LLC in 2011.  Gamma Labs started out as a company making testosterone boosters and other sports performance supplements while marketing to the MMA community.  With the Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 release in 2011, a young employee at Gamma Labs suggested to Cliff Morgan, the CEO, that they should hand out samples of their pre-workout at the local Game Stop.  The next day they woke up to hundreds of sales and the idea to shift their focus to the gaming market was born. 

Since 2011, G Fuel has grown in popularity as they have had first mover advantage with no other powdered gaming energy drinks entering to compete with them until Gamer Supps in 2016 and Rogue Energy in 2017.  Their aggressive sponsorship deals with the biggest names in gaming and streaming as well as the incredible rate with which they release products has lead to their success. 

On July 15th, 2019, G Fuel made the move into the canned energy drink space, adding to their already growing powdered energy drink lineup.  With streaming and video games becoming more and more mainstream, and the growth of partnered brands like FaZe Clan, G Fuel has enjoyed a lot of recent growth.

what type of sponsorship program does g fuel have?

G Fuel has a closed sponsorship program.  They do not have an open Affiliate program for smaller creators.  If you join their sponsorship program, you will be signed to a contract of a predetermined length of time.  This contract will have a list of brand activations and exclusions that you must abide by (i.e. “powered by @Gfuel” in your social bios, minimum frequency of promotional social posts required per month, number of branded streams required per month, category exclusivity, etc). G Fuel is leveraging your audience to sell their products so they are looking for your endorsement of the brand to increase their sales. 

In exchange for providing the agreed upon brand promotions for G Fuel, you will receive an agreed upon monthly stipend.  Additionally, some contracts will include commissions on sales generated with your creator code.  The commissions rate differs between contracts but often is between 5% and 15%. Additionally, G Fuel will send you periodic care packages with free G Fuel product. 

In some cases, very large creators have collaborated with G Fuel to create co-branded products like shakers, branded flavors, and branded cans.  These contracts are more intricate, very rare, and will often include additional agreements on revenue share for sales of the branded product as well as sell-off periods of how long G Fuel can sell the co-branded products after a potential end to the contract is met.


As covered in our G Fuel gaming sponsorship profile, G Fuel focuses their marketing and sponsorship efforts strictly on large streamers, creators, and gaming organizations.  They have a closed sponsorship program that will require you to be either a creator in the top 1% of Twitch, a professional eSports player/organization, or have other large social followings on various other platforms like TikTok, YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram. 

G Fuel does not offer support to small to medium sized content creators in the form of Affiliate Programs.  If you are not a massive creator, we regret to inform you that G Fuel will not sponsor you.   

To qualify for a G Fuel sponsorship, a creator typically needs to have one or more of the following: Partner on Twitch with 1,000+ average concurrent viewers, Have 50,000+ subscribers on YouTube, have 100,000+ followers on TikTok, or have 100,000+ followers on Instagram.  These are general numbers based on the audience sizes of numerous present G Fuel Partners. 

how to approach g fuel for a gaming sponsorship

If you believe you have a large enough audience and want to get sponsored by G Fuel, you can do so one of several ways.  First off, if you have a large enough audience, it is very likely you already have an agency representing you.  Let your agent know you are interested in G Fuel and they can reach out to G Fuel to see if you qualify and begin a conversation regarding sponsorship. 

If you don’t already have an agent working for you and G Fuel hasn’t reached out to you personally, you will have to do the heavy lifting yourself.  First, create a concise email with links to all of your social profiles and your channels. Provide screen shots of all relevant metrics such as your streaming stats, YouTube stats, TikTok stats, etc. Provide a brief and concise write up about who you are, what your brand is, what type of content you produce, and why you believe you are remarkably qualified for a G Fuel sponsorship.  Keep in mind, this is basically a job interview. You are approaching their brand asking to become a Partner.  You must put your best foot forward, indicatehow you will bring them value, and be professional.


Since G Fuel will not sponsor MOST creators, it is important to know who else WILL sponsor and support your gaming career. We suggest getting sponsored by Rogue Energy via their Sponsorship Website here. They welcome everyone, have a growing and inclusive program, and will support you even if you aren't the World's largest gamer or organization.


G Fuel is a wildly popular gaming energy drink company that many content creators want as a sponsor.  G Fuel doesn’t support small and medium sized creators and only takes large creators in their closed sponsorship program so, unless you have a massive audience, you will not get approved for a G Fuel sponsorship. If you have a large audience, leverage your agent or, present compelling reason to G Fuel directly as to who you are and why you qualify for a sponsorship.  If your audience isn’t large enough to get sponsored by G Fuel but you still want to be sponsored by a gaming energy drink company, you can refer to our helpful list of other gaming energy drink brands who would be happy to sponsor you.  Enjoy!