How to get sponsored by Rogue Energy

How To get sponsored by rogue energy

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WHAT IS rogue energy?

Rogue Energy is one of the World's fastest growing energy drink brands first launched in 2017. Rogue Energy started as an energy drink company focused in the competitive gaming space but quickly found rampant success by sponsoring and supporting small to medium sized streamers and content creators. The owners, Zac Dudzik and Chris Turzinski, have sited their experience at TwitchCon 2017 as being the catalyst for supporting smaller creators via sponsorship.

Since 2017, Rogue Energy has launched 4 product lines (the only gaming drink on the planet with 4 product lines) and currently have 15 flavors. They appear to push the boundaries on taste and many say they are the best mixing gaming drink brand on the market today.

what type of sponsorship program does rogue energy have?

Rogue Energy has a very robust sponsorship program, as indicated by us selecting them as our Top Pick in the Gaming Drink category. Rogue Energy, like Twitch, has both Affiliates and Partners. In an effort to support creators of all audience sizes, Rogue allows anyone to join their Affiliate Program. This allows people who are just starting out at content creation or who don't yet have tens of thousands of followers to join, promote the products, and begin to monetize their channels. This is something most other companies overlook, preferring to only partner with the absolute largest creators and leaving everyone else high and dry.

Rogue offers a 10% discount code for Affiliates while Partners get 20% off. Their Affiliates start at 5% commissions and can increase that percent with increased sales numbers. Partners start at 15% commissions. Partners also receive care packages and social support.


Rogue has a very inclusive Sponsorship Program. Anyone can join their program as an Affiliate and begin to earn benefits right away. For those people who have above average audiences or unique circumstances, you can also apply for Partnership status with Rogue for even more benefits.

To qualify for a Rogue Energy Partnership, a creator typically needs to have one or more of the following: Partner on Twitch with 100+ average concurrent viewers, Have 25,000+ subscribers on YouTube, have 50,000+ followers on TikTok, or have 50,000+ followers on Instagram.  These are general numbers based on the audience sizes of numerous present G Fuel Partners. 

Rogue Energy also partners with eSports organizations and leagues and will sponsor individuals with smaller audience sizes if they are active eSports professionals playing for the largest organizations in the world.

how to approach rogue energyfor a gaming sponsorship

If you believe you have a large enough audience and want to get sponsored by Rogue Energy, you can do so one of several ways.  First off, if you have a large enough audience, it is very likely you already have an agency representing you.  Let your agent know you are interested in Rogue Energy and they can reach out to Rogue Energy to see if you qualify and begin a conversation regarding sponsorship. 

If you don’t already have an agent working for you and Rogue Energy hasn’t reached out to you personally, you will have to do the heavy lifting yourself.  First, create a concise email with links to all of your social profiles and your channels. Provide screen shots of all relevant metrics such as your streaming stats, YouTube stats, TikTok stats, etc. Provide a brief and concise write up about who you are, what your brand is, what type of content you produce, and why you believe you are remarkably qualified for a G Fuel sponsorship.  Keep in mind, this is basically a job interview. You are approaching their brand asking to become a Partner.  You must put your best foot forward, indicate how you will bring them value, and be professional.


Rogue Energy is a wildly popular gaming energy drink company that many content creators want as a sponsor.  Rogue Energy supports creators of all sizes. If you have a large audience, leverage your agent or, present compelling reason to Rogue Energy directly as to who you are and why you qualify for a sponsorship. Enjoy!