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company overview

Freshman is a natural male enhancement company that produces healthy, non-prescription supplements for male sexual performance. From their website:

Here at Freshman, we are on a mission to end bad sex.

You don't take Freshman because you have a problem getting hard, you take Freshman to perform at your MAX potential. It's about the lifestyle. Think about it, you take a preworkout before you hit the gym, why wouldn't you supplement for the bedroom so you can get harder and last longer?

Unlike other brands, our male enhancement supplements are herbal and natural. So forget awkward Dr. consultations, say goodbye to prescriptions, and never feel embarassed about your male enhancement again.

Get Freshman and get #CertifiedHard.

gaming sponsorship details

Freshman is a HOT brand on the scene in the emerging Male Enhancement space. Like their competitors Blue Chew, Freshman is very much so leaning into the lifestyle side of sex and therefore sexual enhancement. Their tongue-in-cheek dry humor and youthful voice is refreshing when compared to the older marketing strategy of advertising to older men with ED.

Unlike any other brand in their space, Freshman has embraced the gaming/streaming/esports space by offering a robust gaming sponsorship program for creators in our space. They are the preminent brand in this category as it relates to supporting gamers and streamers.

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